Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanks, Judge Jacon!

Christmas came a little early in Judge Jacon’s courtroom this week. Earlier this year, alert Councilman Mark McGrath spotted a video on YouTube in which a gang-banger was seen brandishing a handgun near some parked Troy Police cruisers. The tip from the Councilman led to a stakeout which led to the arrest of a Guilderland man for charges of possessing a handgun and for allegedly coming to the Collar City for a home invasion.

All of which led to Judge Jacon’s courtroom, and the latest outrageous ruling from the Democrat judge. The gang-banger was freed, leading to a blast from McGrath. McGrath said the judge’s decision jeopardizes public safety and is an insult to the Troy Police Department.

An insult like when Judge Jacon set no bail for a man charged with reckless driving in connection with the death of a passenger in his car.

An insult like when Judge Jacon freed a sex offender wanted in another county on similar charges.

An insult like when Judge Jacon freed another sex offender to live in the woods of Lansingburgh, after the offender admitted he had no address to return to, meaning authorities had little opportunity to keep tabs.

Thanks, Judge Jacon!