Monday, November 26, 2007


The Thanksgiving holiday gives political commentators their chance to weigh in on the big movers and shakers of the 2007 political scene. The consensus has produced a clear loser, New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer.

CNN’s political commentator Bill Schneider awarded Spitzer his Turkey of the Year for his driver’s licenses for illegal aliens disaster. Way to make the major leagues, gov. Schneider noted how Spitzer’s scheme damaged the Clinton presidential campaign

The Associated Press’ Michael Gormley: “He (Spitzer) is now the guy who set the standard for rapid political collapse.”

Gannett’s Jay Gallagher noted that Spitzer’s “bungling” has helped his political foes and notes the “grim” atmosphere in state government.

Shakedown stuff

Hearing the grand jury investigating Boss Tom Wade will meet this week, possibly November 28. Updates to follow.

Council Collapse?

The rumors are flying that Dems who now make up the majority on the City Council are already at odds. Points of contention are staff positions in the Council office and a refusal by some council members to take orders, err, direction from Wade and City Party Boss Frank LaPosta. Just rumors, but the whispers are growing.