Monday, August 06, 2007

You May Be a Candidate…and a Witness!

Our sources tell us the subpoenas were flying in North Greenbush this weekend. A court appearance on two charges that candidates were fraudulently added to the ballot is set to kick-off Tuesday.

There are two separate cases. In one case, a suit seeks to disqualify the Conservative nominating petition that includes Highway Superintendent Mark Premo because the name of a longtime town resident was added without her consent. In the second case, a suit asks for the Independence Party petition to be kicked out because a town resident also says his name was added without his knowledge or permission.

Two cases, but the same set of alleged culprits: Both petitions were carried by the dumbtastic duo of CB Smith and Dan Ashley, and we’re looking forward to their testimony and explanations.

CB, Dirty Dan and their protégé Premo are known to be worried about the court date. They had some of their supporters out and about making ridiculous threats and accusations this week, a desperate attempt to get the lawsuits squashed. No such luck guys!

Do As Wade Says, Not As Wade Does

Are there two Tom Wades running loose in Rensselaer County?

In an article in the August 4 Times Union, Wade, in a letter presumably penned by CB Smith, asks for a judge to recuse himself from a case involving a lawsuit filed by NGB Chairman Jeff Spain over Wade’s attempt to hijack the appointment process in the Democratic Party via a bylaw change.

Wade, it seems, was in court just a few days before, trying unsuccessfully to get the lawsuit kicked out or beaten.

Which is strange, given that on July 21, Wade told The Record newspaper he would not be moving ahead with the case and that instead he had decided to call a new meeting to have the bylaw change voted on a second time.

Wade must not be a man of his word to announce publicly via the newspapers he would be abandoning the case and putting the matter before members of his party. Wade also must not be confident of his chances of getting his bylaws passed, resulting in the sneaky court tactic and double-talk.