Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Gadfly on the fly!

TROY – Concerned residents have issued an all points bulletin out of concern for the welfare for their friend in government, CB Smith.

CB Smith, it seems, has refused to answer a subpoena compelling him to testify about why the names of town residents were added to nominating petitions for town office – without their knowledge! Both CB and his wife, Conservative Town Clerk candidate and high-ranking state official Patricia Stout-Smith are now facing a judicial subpoena after they refused to show up in court.

Among those testifying were Mark “I don’t have anything to do with CB or Ashley” Premo, who stated that he and CB went out to gather signatures. CB was the one coordinating the whole fraudulent deal, said Premo. Perhaps most devastating was the testimony from one town woman who objected to having her name on a nominating petition that CB and Mark “I don’t have anything to do with CB or Ashley” Premo appeared at her door together to entice her to sign an affidavit contradicting an earlier affidavit.

Mark and CB, there’s a term for that: tampering with a witness.

Sure, CB may be facing contempt of court charges. But some are real worried about our buddy. Maybe he’s lost in the woods somewhere, crying, lost and needing help. Maybe one of his file cabinets stuffed with 12-year-old copies of The Advertiser fell over on him. Let’s all be on the lookout for our buddy.

How to identify CB:
  • Anyone frantically pounding a computer keyboard at a WiFi hotspot at 4:30 a.m. for their North Greenbush Pipeline blog
  • Anyone traveling in a car with outdated newspaper clippings and faxes flying out a back window
  • Anyone traveling in any Town of North Greenbush Highway Department vehicles driven by a short, bald man in search of a major party endorsement
  • Anyone screaming into a payphone, presumably to call The Record’s Soundoff
  • Anyone professing to know where the building permit for Dan Ashley’s garage is
CB’s due back in court on Monday, on the special orders of the judge. Mr. Good Government, the self-professed savior of accountability and openness, filer of frequent FOILs – evading a process server! What a disgrace!