Friday, May 25, 2007

Dems Dismantling

The implosion of the Democratic Party in Rensselaer County continues. Our spies tell us an executive committee meeting will be held tonight, Thursday, May 24, for the purpose of dismissing the Democratic chairman of Schodack.

Also on the agenda may be the dismissal, or attempted dismissal, of members of the North Greenbush Democratic Committee who had the nerve or good taste, depending on your affiliation, to remove Dan Ashley and CB Smith from the NGB committee.

The purge is apparently ordered by Dem boss Tom Wade, who bizarrely allowed a letter penned by CB Smith to go out with his signature on party stationery. We’ll have more details tomorrow, for sure.
None of the self-inflicted crack-up can be doing the party any good in the eyes of the state Democratic handlers in Albany. And the ongoing confusion and trouble shows why the party’s first choice for Troy mayor, Joe Riley, was so quick to parachute out of the contest, leaving the ethically-challenged Jim Conroy to run. Those troubles have also weakened the party’s City Council ticket, and the troubles for Dems in the towns are only mounting. Wade’s allies in the party, Sand Lake boss Frank Fleming and his daughter, County Legislator Flora Fasoldt, have recently ordered their minions to dump the popular Sand Lake Supervisor, Steve Robelotto, from the ballot, in favor of Bill Reinhardt, who couldn’t even win two primaries in his bid for Assembly last year.