Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Riddance

First, they couldn’t even win re-election as committee members in their own town. Now, their party has taken the extraordinary step of bouncing them from their organization.

Tuesday, the North Greenbush Democratic Committee voted to jettison Dan Ashley and CB Smith. Our spies tell us the committee, which was captured by the Reform Democrats, was furious that Smith and Ashley had the nerve to organize their own golf fundraiser. And they were apparently even angrier after apparently failing to get answers from Ashley and Smith about the fate of $20,000 in party money spent over the past several years. The District Attorney apparently has the file on the $20,000, which has been referenced by a number of posters to this site in the past couple of weeks, so some action could ensue.

It’s a stunning setback for Smith and Ashley, and their followers Josh Sabo and Legislator Kevin Harrington. The Ashley-Smith slate was defeated in committee elections after a disgraceful and disruptive year or so of running the town into brick wall after brick wall. Harrington was also bounced from the committee by a wide margin, which shows how his popularity has bottomed out, thanks to the handling by CB.

Now Ashley and CB seem preoccupied with trying to save Highway Superintendent Mark Premo, telling everyone what a popular vote getter Premo is. Maybe was is a better word, because Ashley and Smith don’t mention that Premo was on every piece of literature sent out during the 2006 primaries for Dems and Conservatives on behalf of the Ashley-Smith slate – and nearly every candidate supported by Premo lost! The recent campaigning by Smith on behalf of Premo can’t have done Premo much good, following the committee defeats.