Friday, March 02, 2007

The Liar's Flyer

Good people of the 108th Assembly District – you’ve been lied to…and you get to pay for it!

Early February, the State Assembly Democrats showed just how much they cared about reform by going against Governor Eliot Spitzer’s recommendations for State Comptroller. Instead of sticking with their agreement with Gov. Spitzer to let a panel make a recommendation, Assembly Dems picked one of their own, Long Island Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli.

Spitzer called DiNapoli “unqualified”. He said the vote on the comptroller candidate was crucial to his reform movement. Those sentiments all got ignored by Shelly Silver and newbie Assemblyman Tim Gordon who voted in lockstep with other Assembly Dems to back DiNapoli.

It is bad enough Gordon turned his back on reform efforts. Now he’s turned his back on the truth. In the last few days, residents in the 108th have gotten a mailer paid for by state taxpayers in which Gordon claims to be “Keeping his pledge to reform Albany”.

That’s not all, with Gordon also saying he is “working with Governor Spitzer to make Albany more efficient and transparent”.

Mr. Transparency didn’t see fit to explain why he voted for DiNapoli and went against Spitzer in the slick mailer.

If you’ve read the mailer, maybe you’re amazed. You can call Tim Gordon’s actions cynical and calculating. Also call them expensive. It conceivably cost tens of thousands of dollars in staff time, materials and postage to send Gordon’s misguided missive to your doorstep.