Monday, February 26, 2007


Thank you to Jim Franco for giving us a shoutout in today's Talespin [TR].
There is a new blog centered on Collar City politics, Troy Politics, and it definitely slants to the GOP side of things. It stands opposed to the Troy Polloi blog that leans to the Democrats - or at least away from the administration of Mayor Harry Tutunjian.

Troy Politics does have posts dating to last March, so it is not truly new but the author has been on a hiatus since last May. The author says it will be updated every Monday and Thursday and comments are welcome.

While the posts do contain some insider information and are somewhat entertaining, they do have a nasty tone to them as do the comments. Unlike the Polloi, which uses satire and wit to make his or her point, the author of Troy Politics just uses a brick.
Also unlike the Troy Polloi, I return fan emails.