Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rabid Rabbit Takes A Ride

In a sneak preview of the preferential treatment he expects to get from city employees next year, Bob "Rabbit" Riley, the brother of the future mayor of Troy, received a complimentary ride from the Troy PD following his arrest early this evening.

It happened tonight around 5:30pm outside St. Augestine Hall, where the annual Friends of 112th Street dinner was about to get underway. Bobby Mirch made a kidding remark as Rabbit walked by; Rabbit replied by grabbing Mirch by the shirt and shoving him against a wall. The police showed up soon after, as Rabbit was continuing to rail against Mirch. Out came the silver handcuffs and away went Rabbit.

Hopefully, the TR will have the full story, and perhaps a comment from Candidate Joe, tomorrow morning, at which time we can also expect Rabbit to begin sacrificing small animals in hopes that he gets to go before Judge Jacon rather than Judge McGrath.