Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Raise Haze

Rensselaer County Legislature Keith Hammond is getting more and more bizarre. The evidence is in his Pulse of the People letter in the Record May 3, where Keith strangely tries to assert he really had nothing to do with giving himself and his staff big raises after Election Day.

You may remember that before Election Day, Keith and the other Dems were saying they would reduce legislative spending. That’s a lie voters throughout Rensselaer County are unlikely to forget.

In a previous letter, Hammond admitted that he basically sold his vote in order to get a raise for his staff and to increase the size of the Democrat staff. Having seen that argument blow-up, Hammond is now trying to claim the big, bad GOP made him take the raise.

Hammond’s actions are hardly a new entry in profiles in political courage. Politicians in general are not renowned for their backbone, but Keith’s hypocrisy and attempt to pass the blame are a new low.

Memo to Keith: You told voters you would reduce legislative spending. You lied. You voted to raise your salary. You voted to raise your staff’s salary. You increased the size of your staff at taxpayer expense. Do you really think voters are that stupid and forgetful?

Posted May 3