Tuesday, May 09, 2006

NGB Nonsense Keeps On Keepin' On

It’s not only getting wackier in North Greenbush, it’s about to get more expensive. Councilman Richard Fennelly (D-DANA) has proposed a revaluation of properties in town.

The revaluation would cost about $400,000, says Fennelly. We assume he tried to keep a straight face when he said the revaluation would simply focus on fairly assessing properties. C’mon, DANA Dick: A reval is just a big property tax increase dressed up differently.

Since the Dems took over on January 1 in North Greenbush, it has been absolute chaos. Dems illegally fire 12 employees, forcing expensive rehiring and creating possible litigation. Dems hand out jobs to their friends and family. Dems give CB Smith a $21,000 part-time job. Dems create a new $60,000 building director job, even though the town already has a longtime employee in the same job. Dems strip away the powers of their former running-mate, Supervisor Mark Evers. The Dems have also made an alliance with the Defreestville Area Neighborhood Association to block development that would expand the tax base and reduce the burden on property taxpayers. And now, Mr. and Mrs. North Greenbush get to pay for all these shenanigans in the form of a nice, expensive revaluation/tax increase. And it’s only May. What else will these guys do to NGB?

Posted May 9, 2006