Friday, April 07, 2006

NGB Crack-up Continues

The Times Union scoops everyone (April 6) with an article about a planned lawsuit by a resident fired from her town job by the CB Smith-Town Board in North Greenbush. From what we hear, this may be the first of many suits against the town for illegal firings.

The planned lawsuit, by Judy Wos, a former employee in the Building Department, is pretty juicy. Wos alleges she was bounced from her job because of her role in gathering information regarding Dem boss Dan Ashley’s illegal garage. That smells like payback to us, and taxpayers are on the hook for the Democratic vendetta firing.

That reminds us, whatever happened to the Dan Ashley garage saga? Last we knew, boss Ashley was appealing a guilty conviction with his attorney, Josh Sabo. Yup, the same Josh Sabo who is now town attorney. We bet Josh is working real hard to defend against boss Dan’s appeal.

It’s hard to believe that it keeps getting worse in North Greenbush, under the new Democrat administration. But the all-Dem Town Board is going 80 mph down a dead end street.

Posted April 7, 2006