Friday, March 31, 2006

A Grimm Plan

In the same March 29 edition of the Record, Keith’s colleague, Peter Grimm, tries to set us all straight on drilling for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. (By the way, kind of odd the Record would run a letters to the editor section made up entirely of letters from members of the Democratic minority, but that’s for another day). Thank heaven members of the Minority in the County Legislature are there to clear up the confusion on the issues of the day. A source close to the Minority office says other members will be sending out dispatches on global warming, the Barry Bonds steroid controversy and future space expeditions to Mars, to name a few topics. I mean, when you have thinkers like Keith Hammond on board, why limit your genius to just Rensselaer County stuff?

Anyways, Grimm takes shots at those who want to drill in the Alaskan wilderness. He also blasts the U.S. for our over-reliance on foreign oil. I finally get your point, Peter – we use too much foreign oil, so we shouldn’t develop new resources here at home. Makes sense! Kinda the same logic as how Keith Hammond could vote for a raise for himself and his cronies, and it’s not his fault. Boy, that’s leadership we can sure count on!