Friday, July 30, 2010

Dems Go Write to Court

The slowly ticking bombshell involving the alleged forgery of absentee ballots by Democrats detonated Thursday, and could end up taking most of the City Council's majority out in the next several months.

A foot-high stack of documents, affidavits and other materials compiled by State Police and a special prosecutor and filed in court spell out a staggering amount of fraud by Democrats hoping to steal the Working Families line in the September 2009 primary.

This week, Judge Stephen Herrick of Albany County signed a search warrant that seeks to compel DNA samples from nine big-time Rensselaer County and Troy Democrats including:

Council President Clem Campana, Councilmen John Brown, Mike LoPorto, Gary Galuski and Kevin McGrath, Democratic Board of Elections Commissioner Ed McDonough, Brown's brother Dan, City Council Clerk Bill McInerney and Troy Housing Authority Tony DeFiglio.

That's five out of the seven members of the Troy City Council, plus a staff member. A court date on the warrant seeking the DNA sample is set for mid-September, ironically, right around Primary Day.

What is interesting is one of the five council members is already fingering his buddies, as seen in the CBS6 link. And word on the street is one and maybe two Democrats are planning to fight the DNA request.

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