Monday, February 22, 2010

Troy Gets Chapped, Again

Welcome back, Rensselaer County! We're sorry for the delay in getting material to you, but it's just been too difficult to choose one Democrat screw-up to write about. It would be nice if the D's, particularly in Troy, could keep our readership in mind when considering their actions because there just aren't enough hours in the day to give every felony or scandal or residence problem the attention that it deserves. And if there's one man who deserves that attention, it's Chappy Campana.

Chappy did a real number on Troy taxpayers last week with his opposition to the sale of the parking garage. Instead of just voting against it, he kicked things up a notch, blocking any sort of a vote on the matter in a move that had Talespin comparing him to Sheldon Silver. Rather than pocketing a nice chunk of change during a recession, adding a big piece of property to the tax rolls and helping downtown businesses grow, Chappy wouldn't even allow discussion on the issue. What courage!

Chappy hasn't exactly been the model of sound judgement, given his involvement in the 2009 Ballot Scandal, and this is no exception. His motivation is little more than an adolescent desire to spite Harry Tutunjian at the expense of Troy taxpayers, the long-term consequences of which Chappy seems content to ignore. Everyone in politics knows that when you have a popular incumbant, the single most successful course of action is to oppose their every move.

That's what gave us political legends like Walter Mondale, Carl McCall and Jim Conroy, after all.