Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wade Gets Wobbly

Leave it to the Rensselaer County Democrats to turn a scandal into an all-encompassing disaster. Led by embattled Boss Tom Wade, Democrats held a farce of a press conference Monday and raised more questions about the ballot forgery scandal then they answered.

The Wade Democrats called a press conference for Monday morning, with party activists promising a "bombshell" about GOP electoral shenanigans. What media folk got were a puzzling mix of confusion, disinformation, inaccuracy and strange behavior by Democrats.

First of all, Democrats produced almost zip in terms of information regarding Republicans. Their main target was popular Legislature Majority Leader Bobby Mirch, who helped break open the shocking tale of Democrat forgeries and fraud following the September 15 primaries. The best Wade could do was produce a 2-year-old affidavit in which it was alleged Mirch paid $5 for a vote.

Mirch continue his shellacking of Wade by revealing the affidavit was actually collected by someone who later received a city marshal's position. Who ordered the city marshal hiring? None other than Tom Wade, noted Mirch.

Wade also embarrassed himself by promising affidavits to the media that never materialized, making allegations that were never substantiated and failing to answer questions about the stunning Democratic forgery scandal. We hear the media tore Wade up for failing to answer questions and the coverage of the Democrat-organized event was decidedly in favor of Mirch and the GOP.

So, in essence, Wade managed to spin the scandal right back on to the Democrats, and ensure even more headlines and more news coverage for what is probably the worst election scandal in Capital Region history. And he gave Mirch a platform to continue reminding voters about the stunning scandal.

What was curious is why Wade would call the press conference in the first place, and why Democratic candidates for county and city would line up behind the chairman. It raises questions: Was Wade involved in the scandal? Did the Wade loyalists in the Democratic party support or aid the forgery effort? Why would they feel compelled to defend what other Democrats have described as "rogue" party members?

It is clear that Wade and his Democrats recognize the forgery scandal as a massive problem for the party as the November 3 elections approach. Based on their disastrous Monday press conference, those problems are likely to continue growing.