Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Norm, You're a STAR

The fraudulent campaign for County Legislature by Democrat Norman Young continues to unravel as proof builds that he does not reside in the district where he is running.

Democrats filed nominating petitions claiming Young lived in Nassau and was therefore an eligible candidate for Legislature in District 4, which includes the towns of Schodack, Sand Lake and Nassau. Shortly after the petitions were filed, evidence was introduced showing Young is actually a resident of Stephentown, which is outside the district.

That evi dence grew stronger as it was revealed Young had applied for, and received, a STAR exemption for his Stephentown residence. The only way a resident can receive a STAR exemption is by declaring that property to be their "primary residence".

Here is the description on requirements of the program, right from the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services, which can be accessed at
Application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption - RP-425
If you own property and it is your primary residence, you are probably eligible for a STAR school property tax exemption. To get your exemption, fill out this form and submit it to your local assessor. Your assessor may require you to submit proof of residency and ownership with your completed RP-425 form. See the form instructions for details or contact your local assessor.
Which means that Norm could only get the STAR exemption by declaring his Stephentown residence is his "primary" residence.

Which also means Democrats have a lot of explaining to do. Yet we have yet to hear an explanation from Democrats, nor have we heard from any of Young's running mates, including combative and controversial Sand Lake Democratic Legislator Flora Fasoldt. Fasoldt has claimed she is all for openness and accountability. So where is she when one of her running mates is apparently caught living outside the legislative district he is seeking to represent?

Voters are probably wondering how Democrats can claim they are ready to run county government when they do not even know where their candidates really live and are unable to explain what may be an attempt to deceive residents.