Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trouble in Troy?

One week ago, Democrats put the finishing touches on a weak slate for County Legislature in the City of Troy. Now there may be trouble with the Ticket Fillers, as one well-known Democrat dubbed the six candidates.

Party leaders are beating the bushes for a candidate or candidates after at least one of the six candidates decided to back out. Calls were being made yesterday and today by Democrat bosses trying to scare up candidates.

Democrats are not only scrambling in Troy for legislative candidates. Word is that they are having trouble in the towns and the rural areas attracting legislative candidates, in part because Democrats have been unable to come up with anyone to run for County Executive or County Clerk.

And Democrats are increasingly fearful about their prospects in District 2, which includes East Greenbush, North Greenbush and Poestenkill. Democrats have already seen Minority Leader Ginny O'Brien decide against running for re-election in that district, and will instead run for town office in East Greenbush. Along with a weakened ticket, Democrats have been fighting behind the scenes over selection of candidates and more fighting is possible. Republicans have put together a blockbuster ticket in that district and are ready to make big gains.

Add all the trouble in selecting candidates to the big, big fundraising problems Democrats are having. Powerhouse County Legislature Majority Leader Bobby Mirch is believed to have more cash on hand than the entire county Democrat organization.