Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Ticket Fillers

The whispers that Democrats are having trouble attracting top tier candidates for the 2009 elections are becoming reality. Democrats tell us the party has given up on finding candidates for County Executive and County Clerk and made the puzzling selection of controversial Troy attorney Rich Hanft for Family Court. But nowhere are the party's troubles so apparent as in their selection for County Legislature seats in Troy. One Democrat has even taken to calling the six candidates "The Ticket Fillers" noting the party had aggressively pursued better candidates but were turned down.

The "Ticket Fillers" are led by incumbent Peter Grimm, who has been silent on the outrageous Democratic tax increases and even voted against a county budget that did not raise property taxes. Grimm only got into the Legislature because a voting machine error deprived the rightful winner, Peter Durkee, cost him approximately 80 votes. Along with Grimm, there is Lisa Graham, Charlene Cassidy, Mark Fleming, Lou Rosamilia and Ed Manning filling out the ticket. Better known names like Frank LaPosta and Dan Doran opted out of a run for Legislature. Councilman Peter Ryan also declined a run for Legislature, deciding to sit out the 2009 elections.

Word about the "Ticket Fillers" Troy ticket spread just days after another lackluster fundraiser for Democratic county legislative candidates. Democrats have been hobbled by an inability to raise money, vicious in-fighting and a lack of well-known or proven candidates. The lack of big names for County Legislature in Troy shows the depth of those problems. And those problems could be getting worse. With outrageous state tax increases brought about Democrats, no candidates for County Executive and County Clerk, a probable primary for Family Court and relative unknowns for County Legislature, Democrats down ticket can expect problems. That means trouble for the Chaos Council, the Democrats who have done little right during the past 18 months in the majority of the City Council.