Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beth Bashes Back

Boss Tom Wade's supposed iron grip on the Democratic Party in Rensselaer County is looking more than a little shaky this week.

Recently, Wade laid the law down to former Troy City Councilwoman Beth Walsh: No way was Walsh running for county Family Court in 2009. No way, no how, with the party's nod going to East Greenbush Town Justice Diane Schilling, said Wade in his customarily abrupt and dictatorial manner.

Walsh responded just days, maybe hours later, by scheduling a fundraiser to support her "seeking the Democratic nomination" for Family Court. The Walsh fundraiser is set for April 2 in her home base of Troy.

The snubbing of Wade comes just one year after Wade was embarrassed in a county primary for the 43rd Senatorial District seat, with Wade's choice, Brian Premo, getting toasted by Mike Russo of Saratoga County. Getting trounced in a primary by a relative unknown from another county isn't likely to generate much fear or respect.

Which may have led Walsh, wife of Troy City Court Judge Chris Maier, to pull the trigger on what amounts to a challenge to Wade's wishes and possibly a bruising primary. We hear Democrats from throughout the county voiced support for a Walsh campaign, regardless of Wade's wishes. Walsh may have also considered the recent victory by Troy City Chairman Frank LaPosta, who beat back an attempt by Wade to hijack the nominations for Democratic candidates.


Who knows if LaPosta will put his newfound clout behind Walsh's candidacy? The attendance at the April 2nd Walsh fundraiser may answer that important question.

Tax Attack

Democrats who run state government are getting ready to make you pay and pay and pay to help deal with runaway state spending and unrealistic revenue projections. There is a hike in the income tax for many New Yorkers in the pipeline, elimination of the STAR rebate program and new taxes and fees galore.

Despite promises of fiscal conservatism, Democrats have actually increased state spending under the 2009-2010 budget, meaning we all get to pay more during a tough recession. The budget is said to be up by 10 percent over what was proposed originally by Governor Paterson. More spending means more taxes and most cost-shifts to local governments.

It was all done in secret, showing once again promises by Democrats to reform Albany were nothing more than a sham. The budget process this year was the most secretive in history, and possibly one of the most costly. Voters get their say on the Democrat budget bumbling this fall.