Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Walkout in the 20th ? 

There are strong indicators that Democrats may be writing off their chances to retain the 20th Congressional District seat even before the race begins.

First, there were the whispers that national Democrats may not be pumping any cash into the special election. The 20th CD has a significant GOP enrollment advantage, and the thinking goes that if Democrats drop cash, volunteers and resources into the race and lose, the loss will be seen as a reflection on President Obama.

Interesting thinking, especially given that newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has identified the 20th CD race as a priority during his first days as head of the GOP. And the GOP has a strong candidate in Jim Tedisco, the very visible leader of the Assembly minority.

Adding to the speculation that the Dems may be tanking in the 20th is their pick today of an unknown, Scott Murphy of Glens Falls. Democrats took the meeting so casually that they didn't even hold the meeting in the 20th CD, instead gathering in Colonie.

Democrats had some decent names, like Ron Kim, Saratoga Springs' elected Public Safety Commissioner, former TV newswoman Tracy Egan and Suzy Ballantyne, who has a leadership role with the AFL-CIO. Instead, they went with an unknown in what will be a high-profile race in the region. Further proof of the lack of commitment from the national Democrats is the view that Murphy will self-fund the race.

As a sideline, it is hilarious to see Assemblyman Tim Gordon passed over by Democrats for the race. Gordon thought he had muscle with the party, but was never a factor. It has to be distressing to his constituents in the 108th Assembly District that just four weeks after starting a new term, Gordon is already looking for new employment. And the fact that Gordon has, for a third time, sought a Democratic nomination proves once and for all his proclamation as an "independent" is a total scam.

A win in the 20th CD will be a big deal for the GOP and they may be getting that win without much of a fight.

Democrats Don't Pay Taxes

Prospective Democrat cabinet appointment and former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle didn't pay his taxes on time.

New Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner didn't pay the taxes he owed.

Neither have 20 members of the State Legislature, all Democrats.