Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeling Stimulated?

The $785 billion stimulus package rammed through Congress by Democrats was an historic moment as the country deals with a deepening recession.

The question is whether the stimulus bill will mean history for Democratic candidates in 2009 and 2010.

There is some good in the stimulus bills, especially in terms of infrastructure improvement. But some of the liberal larding for programs, including a rollback of welfare reforms enacted by both Democratic and Republican presidents and funding for ultraliberal outreach groups like ACORN, are giving the GOP talking points across the USA.

While Republicans still hold the majority of elected offices across Rensselaer County, Democrats have been able to score some victories in recent years in select races, in part because of the unpopularity of Pres. George W. Bush. But with Obama administration in full swing, and Queen Nancy holding sway at the Capitol, Democrats recognize that accountability can be a problem.

The first test in the Capital Region comes March 31, with the special election for the Gillibrand congressional seat. Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco has put together a good operation in the early stages, and the GOP is tuned up to take back the district. Troubled by the poor performance of Democrat DA Rich McNally, the constant stumbling of the Troy City Council Democrats, an inability to raise money and a lack of candidates for important local offices in 2009, local Democrats are predictably uneasy about getting slammed for over-spending and liberal luxury initiatives in a stimulus package only supported by their party.

The GOP had to struggle for years with the perceived problems of the Bush presidency. Will the Democrat-owned stimulus package mean problems for the party of Pelosi?

Mitchell Move(s)(d) Out

Troy Corporation Counsel David Mitchell is no longer at City Hall. Tributes and remembrances of Dave can be left here.