Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Is The Council Office

Continuing their path to political oblivion, the Troy Council Democrats still can't get down the tricky business of running the City Council offices.

Last year, the first year of Democratic Council control, saw an uninterrupted cavalcade of cancelled meetings, lawsuits, failed power grabs and a feeling of chaos and confusion that belong in third-rate banana republics. Already, Democrats are showing they intend to top their record for ineffectiveness and ineptitude in 2009, canceling a meeting just days after the New Year because they still can't figure out how to legally call a meeting.

Continuing their 2009 losing streak, the City Clerk's office got what The Record termed a "smack-down" from New York State Racing and Wagering for failing to properly issue bingo licenses. The failure to properly process and hand-out licenses potentially jeopardizes charities across the city. This is unfortunate, given that charities and non-profits are already facing enough trouble with the rough economy.

The deputy city clerk appointed by Democrats kind of gave a kiss-off to the state, saying they were just too "busy" to deal with the issue when Racing and Wagering first got in touch last year. And the Council incompetence rolls on.