Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tax Sends Dems Down Drain

This past Saturday, the sometimes funny crew on Saturday Night Live poked fun at Governor David Paterson. The budget Paterson released Tuesday had some asking if some SNL writers conjured up the budget.

Centuries from now, fiscal archeologists will look at the proposed 2009-2010 New York State budget as one of the most ridiculous, ineffective documents ever released, a landmark of liberal Democrat tax and tax some more ideology.

The Paterson Panic Plan includes 88 taxes or fee increases. A tax on soda, a tax on movie tickets, a tax on taxis, cable television, clothes, beer, wine, auto rentals – you name, there is probably a Patterson Democrat Tax for it. You will be forced to get a new license plate to help feed the state coffers. And there is even a tax on those who want to file their taxes on hard copy.

Think the taxing madness ends there? Cuts in school aid mean your school taxes will go higher in 2009. And as taxes go up, the Dems will go down. Thanks to Paterson, the Democrats are reestablishing themselves as a party that taxes, taxes and taxes again. The political hole created by this outrageous budget will only get bigger and days and months go by.

Give a Democrat a chance to tax and there is apparently no shortage of ways they can invent to take your money. The number of taxes and fee increases proposed by Paterson are stunning, and the amount that will be taken from the pockets of New York residents and businesses is staggering. Destructive Democrat taxes!

Paterson wants to blame Wall Street for his troubles. But don’t forget we are living under a budget drafted by the Spitzer-Paterson Day One Everything Changes team. Paterson’s predecessor, the Luv Guv wanted to bring back some passion to Albany, but may be disappointed to learn even massages will get taxed under Paterson’s plan.

Spitzer brought national attention to the Empire State with the hooker scandal earlier this year. Just months later, Paterson did too – with a ridiculous and destructive budget proposal that makes New York State synonymous with out of control taxes and a liberal tax ‘em to death mentality.

Later this week, we will have a run down of all the new Democrat taxes and what you and your family can expect to pay. And pay. And pay.