Friday, September 19, 2008

DA Down in the Dumps

The DA's going to take his prosecutors and go home if anyone yells at him.

Earlier this year, investigators from District Attorney Richard McNally's office gave evidence leading to the raid of a residence they said was being used for drug sales. The house was raided, the female occupant scared out of her wits and…no drugs were found.

The bust came up empty, which is kind of like McNally in prosecuting murder cases or other serious crimes. The busted drug bust led to a scathing report by the Troy Police Department. This report apparently led to McNally removing two drug investigators from Troy and assigning them to the crime hotbed of…Sand Lake.

Apparently, DA McNally didn't tell anyone he was yanking the prosecutors and sending them quite literally out to pasture. Majority Leader Bobby Mirch fired away at McNally, saying his move was irresponsible and could jeopardize state funds.

It looks like a tough first year for McNally is only getting tougher. The DA has lost headline case after headline case after promising to improve the office after the administration of DA DeAngelis. Now McNally is seeing his fellow Democrats in state government cut his funding for positions in his office.

McNally is trying to divert attention and try to get Republicans in county government to make up the difference. Which doesn't sound like much of a bargain for county taxpayers: Democrats cut funding at the state level and try to get county taxpayers to make up the difference. Is this what they meant by Day One?