Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Somebody Do Something!

It's taken six months, but the Troy Council Democrat's City Hall committee has set a new record for ineffectiveness and foolishness.

After hijacking the process to replace or improve City Hall, after blowing up a deal that would have brought Troy $3 million to replace the crumbling structure, after meeting after meeting on the issue, the Ken Zalewski-led committee has made their recommendation:
  1. Something needs to be done with City Hall
  2. People need to cooperate to get that something done
Let's hear from the leader:

"We've got to come together and come up with a plan," said Democratic Councilman Ken Zalewski, City Hall committee chairman.

It took six months to come up with that pathetic pearl of wisdom. And Troy taxpayers get to pay for this nonsense.

Clearly, Troy Council Democrats got in way over their head on this issue. Filled with an unreasonable hatred of the mayor, they stopped his plans to sell the building and move City Hall to the Verizon Building. Now, Zalewski and the Dems are wiggling, trying to get out from under a disaster they created.

The way Council Dems have screwed this issue up surprises even long-time observers of city politics. And that's saying "something" as well.