Friday, June 13, 2008

Oath Goof Sets Murder Free

The murder of police informant Chris Drabik in 2003 is one of the more notorious murder cases in recent years. Now, because of an error during a trial presided over by County Court Judge Pat McGrath, the man convicted of Drabik's killing, Michael "Murder" Hoffler, saw the conviction overturned.

The Appellate Division reversed Murder's conviction in the Drabik killing all because jurors were not given the proper oath. According to the decision, the defense attorney alerted McGrath to the oath error three times, but no action was taken, setting up an appeal and an overturned conviction of Murder.

Collar City political observers spent Thursday afternoon wondering if the fallout from the Appellate ruling ends McGrath's bid for State Supreme Court.

McGrath abandoned a run for Supreme Court judge in the late 90s. Having an appeal free an accused killer named Murder could mean another quick exit for the Democrat judge.