Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting Soaked

Troy Council Democrats are so busy giving away $2 million owed by Rensselaer for water services…

…that they don't have time to grab $2 million in federal grants for Troy. Tough luck Troy taxpayers!

What's truly disgusting is the latest story about Troy Councilman John Brown's plan to have Troy give up $2 million in water debt to Rensselaer broke on Wednesday – the same night Rensselaer's Council was holding a special meeting to decide on spending several million to construct a new water tank! By hey, Democrats in Troy need to take care of Democrats in Rensselaer.

So, let's get this straight: Rensselaer has the money to pay for a new water tank, but doesn't have enough to pay for the water to fill the tank? And Troy residents are supposed to be OK with this?

It is kind of neat that Brown and Council Democrats are completing their political self-destruction. Over the last few weeks, Council Democrats have run for the hills after a lawsuit was filed to block their violation of the City Charter when they tried to punish several city employees by lowering their salaries, blown-up a $3 million deal for the purchase of City Hall and now this, a giveaway of money owed to Troy residents, all to complete a secretive and possibly corrupt agreement reached behind closed doors.

The water deal moves one step closer to a veto by Mayor Tutunjian. We'll see how many Council Democrats want to sign on the bottom line and vote for the $2 million giveaway next week.