Monday, April 28, 2008

Yes, Sir, Boss, Right Away Boss!

When the Troy Council Democrats get their strings pulled, they stay pulled. Defeated Mayoral candidate Jim Conroy, with the apparent involvement of County Democratic Boss Tom Wade, wanted the Council to call a meeting about the operations of the Troy Marina.

It didn’t take long after the e-mail (shown below) was sent for the Council Democrats to imaginatively decide to call a meeting on that very issue. In fact, a committee meeting may be held this week. And if everyone follows Big Jim’s lead, there may even be a crowd of “outraged” or “interested” citizens. Or as Big Jim so aptly calls them, “Troy Boaters”.

Hey, orders are orders. The public be damned!

What’s sad is the Council Democrats have yet to stand on their own feet after four months of being in power. Why does Jim Conroy, who was defeated in his campaign for mayor, get to dictate to elected council members? Who do Democrat elected officials feel the need to run everything by Tom Wade? And doesn’t e-mails like this show that Wade was very, very involved in the infamous decision by the Council to improperly reduce the salaries of city employees, a move that was followed by Democrats folding in record time after a lawsuit was filed by the Tutunjian administration challenging Dems on the law.

Question of the day is: How many other things have the Troy Council Democrats been ordered to do?

From: Jim Conroy []
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 10:48 AM
To: Bill Dunne; Clem Campana; Gary Galuski; Citycouncil.; Ken Zalewski;
Peter Ryan; Robert Martiniano; Tom Wade
Subject: Marina Operations

Clem and members of the City Council Majority,

As we approach another summer season, I thought it a good idea to recommend that the City Council hold a public hearing (either under the Recreation Committee or other appropriate committee) to make recommendations on improvements for the operation of the Troy Marina. As most of you know, the Marina operation was taken over by the City under Tutunjian rule. The City confiscated the equipment (gas system etc.) of the former operator and kicked them out without so much as a thank you.

-----Original Message-----

Tutunjian awarded a new 3 year Marina contract to Joe Berlino. Everyone associated with boating that I've talked with say the Marina has beenvery poorly run since Berlino took over. This is an outstanding time for the City Council to take a forward looking approach to a city problem and address it up front before the complaints begin anew. Tom Prindle, Hudson River Boat Association (phone # 453-6657) has agreed to testify on the issue and to bring several other "professional boaters" to make recommendations on needed improvements. Tom Sinopoli (phone # 272-4516) has also agreed to testify and to round up some other "Troy Boaters" to express their concerns.

Finally, It would be useful to address the news articles from last year about the failure of the City to meet the tour boats which come to Troy. If Troy's future is toward the Hudson River - Shouldn't we be doing a better job of capitalizing on it??

Good Luck.
Jim Conroy