Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sliced Up

Democrat circles are all abuzz about the growing split between county Democrat Baby Boss* Terrible Tom Wade and Troy Dem Chair Frank LaPosta. Maybe "split" is too kind a word, because these guys may be all done with each other.

LaPosta tried to summon a meeting with Council President Campana and district leaders to discuss some pressing issues. Only problem is someone – presumably Wade – got to the invitees and told them not to go.

Word has it that LaPosta wanted Campana to hear directly from city Dem district leaders exactly how badly the Democrat council majority is coming off. The ranks of the Dem party are none too happy with the extended amateur hour the Council Dems have been holding.

The Council Dems have just completed their first 100 days in office, and what a 100 days it has been, with the bizarre and possibly corrupt John Brown Water Debt Giveaway fiasco, the Bully Bill Dunne "punishment" e-mail that led to Council Dems getting beaten badly, very badly and publicly by Mayor Tutunjian after the council tried to violate the City Charter by improperly lowering city employee salaries and the ill-advised blocking by Council Dems of a $3 million deal to sell the crumbling City Hall. (In fact, it's late April – do you know where the Council Dem's report on the City Hall sale is?)

But to Wade and company apparently no news is good news, and the meeting won't happen any time soon. And LaPosta finds himself as a general with no army.

* Why Baby Boss? That's a nickname a few of the Democrat regulars have recently given Wade, saying he tries to act tough like his hero, Ed McDonough Sr., but comes off as, well, a little infantile.