Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Council Calamities

Another day, another disaster for Troy, thanks to City Council Democrats.

Each year, the federal government hands out grant money to cities like Troy. Cities like Troy get to use the money to repair roads, improve infrastructure or help community groups. All you have to do is hold a public hearing and vote to accept and distribute the money.

Which the Council Democrats have forgotten to do. Which means Troy may not receive $2.03 million in federal funds.

Mayor Tutunjian blasted Council Dems for failing to even do the basics of their job
. It's possible Dems may have a good excuse – maybe the e-mail server in City Hall was down and no e-mail came across from Tom Wade or Jim Conroy telling the Council Dems what to do next.

When they're not busy jeopardizing federal grants, Council Dems are throwing the $3 million City Hall deal down the drain. Tuesday, they recommended spending $3 million to fix up the crumbling structure, instead of selling the building for a deal worth $3 million. More on this tomorrow.