Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cast of Thousands

Sixty three more candidates threw their hats in the ring for the Democrat nomination for the 21st Congressional District seat being vacated by Green Island's Mike McNulty. Today's announcement brings the total number of Democratic candidates to 1,143, but it's still early.

The new candidates include four hot-dog cart vendors at the State Capitol, two visiting exchange students from Russia, six merchant seaman from Costa Rica, a seventh-grader from Schenectady running as part of a class project, a long distance trucker from Alabama, a part-time youth soccer coach and members of a female roller derby squad.

Oh, yeah, Paul Tonko is also throwing his hat in the ring. Maybe. Apparently. Kind of.

Tonko seems to be moving toward a run for the McNulty seat and would be top dog if he gets in the race. Of the hundreds of announced Democratic candidates, Phil Steck and Tracey Brooks, were at the head of the pack, but both come from Albany County. Tonko comes from Schenectady County, home of McNulty's predecessor Sam Stratton, and also represented Montgomery County as Assemblyman.

Which means Rensselaer County would play a big role in deciding who wins what could be a knife-fight over who gets to succeed the likeable McNulty. And speaking of knife-fights, isn't a knock down drag out fight among Democrats in the 21st CD the last thing Democrats need as they head to a bruising presidential convention this summer?