Saturday, March 15, 2008

Probable Cause

Democrat Judge Bob Jacon continues his one man campaign to empty the jails. Once again, Judge Jacon gave every possible break to a defendant facing serious drug and weapon charges, resulting in the defendant getting home in time for lunch.

Last summer, state corrections officer Harold Gaines was pulled over in Hoosick Falls on suspicion of driving drunk. The officer saw a bag of drugs on the passenger side, leading to a search which yielded an assault weapon and BB gun.

Judge Jacon ruled the officer had no reason to even pull Gaines over, which means there was no probable cause to find all the contraband and weaponry.

We hear Judge Jacon also ruled:
  • Gaines wasn’t even driving that night
  • Gaines wasn’t even in Hoosick Falls
  • Hoosick Falls doesn’t really exist
  • A combination of drugs and guns can be fun
  • Eliot Spitzer did not have sex with that women
What’s clear is that Judge Jacon has no intention of changing the perception that he is a judge overly disposed to defendants. One of these days, a defendant given all the breaks by Judge Jacon is going to be back on the streets and causing real harm. There is definitely probable cause to believe that statement will unfortunately come true.