Monday, March 17, 2008

Memories of a Steamroller

As fast as you can say “Emperor’s Club”, just about all signs of support of New York’s Steamroller in Chief Eliot Spitzer have disappeared. The disappearing act is likely to continue Monday, as the more likeable Lt. Governor David Paterson gets elevated to the top job in the Empire State.

It’s almost as if the Spitzer supporters want all trace of the soon-to-be ex-governor from our state and our memory. Which is strange, considering you couldn’t find a Democrat anywhere in New York State running for office in 2006 that didn’t have 112 references to Spitzer in their campaign literature.

The Spitzer landslide has turned into the Spitzer quicksand and Democrats can’t get away from the mess fast enough.

So, as a public service, we will be providing “memories” of the Steamroller over the next few days so everyone can say farewell to the Spitzer era in appropriate fashion – and thank some of his strongest supporters for their help in electing the Steamroller in the first place.

Here’s a special spot of Spitzer and one of his top allies, Troy Councilman Bill “Bully” Dunne. One was a steamroller and the other a punisher. Quite a pair.