Thursday, January 10, 2008

Was it Ken Zalewski?

Ken Zalewski's been pretty clear about what he expects from his fellow Democrats since the moment he became a candidate. On his website, Zalewski said, "I have chosen to run for this office because our district deserves better representation, and our community needs real leadership. I have the energy and commitment to get the job done, and I will do it in the most honest and ethical manner."

Let's see how Councilman Bill Dunne fits into this new equation Zalewski's laid out.

"Better representation" means better than Bill Dunne, a guy whose four years on the council weren't exactly attracting any book deals. Dunne also has to point back to high school to cite the last time he's been a leader on anything besides spouting hot air. Honesty and ethics, meanwhile, aren't Dunne's forte, either. He still hasn't come clean about his dismissal (and subsequent lifetime ban) from the Dormitory Authority.

Finally, Zalewski is seen, and sees himself, as a rising star (thanks mostly to the gobs of special interest money he's accepted). An empty vessel like Dunne attached to statements from the council majority is costing Zalewski the publicity he needs to make it to the top in two or four years.

Ken Zalewski, without a doubt, desires greater things than seeing Dunne's pretty face at council meetings. If he was the one who hit the "forward" button, we certainly understand why.