Saturday, January 12, 2008

Was it Gary Galuski?

Imagine the following scenario: in your first run for political office, you win in one of the biggest upsets of the year. Unfortunately, you soon discover that your victory will require you to work extensively with a man whose integrity seems to have been pawned off to make space for his ego. You may be new at this business, but you know quite well that this man never has, never does and never will accomplish anything, and that his removal from the situation would have a positive effect. The incentive for this removal comes when you're screwed out of the committee assignments you'd wanted, most likely because of this same man. So when an email shows up which you know very well suggests illegal behavior, it doesn't take much to pass it along to members of the opposition party. At the very least, it will prevent what you believe to be a crime from being committed. It might even get the miserable son of a gun thrown out of office, something that would make the next two years much more enjoyable. Of course, this is just a scenario.

Back here in reality, we hear that Galuski wasn't particularly thrilled with his committee assignments, especially considering that his victory was the least expected. We also hear that it's not uncommon for new councilmen and women to come ready to play "Global Thermonuclear War" when they really should have been tooling up for a protracted game of "Diplomacy". And we don't have to talk to Gary Galuski to know that he wouldn't miss having to be in the same room as Bully Bill every month.