Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Upstate State of Mind

Governor Steamroller will be delivering a State of the Upstate address on Wednesday. Which is kind of like the governor giving a State of the State speech for the kids table at Thanksgiving. Why upstate issues need to be separated from statewide issues is a little odd, but let's give it
a chance.

Some good stuff is coming out of the State of the Upstate deal. Spitzer has promised $2.5 million to allow for Troy City Hall to be torn down, which puts him at odds with the Democrat majority on the Council, who have delayed a deal that would bring $3 million to the city for the property.

No word on whether the governor will be able to come up with another $2.5 million if the disastrous Great Water Debt Giveway by Democrat Councilman John Brown gets forced down the city's throat. But stay tuned tomorrow.