Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spitzer and Hammchop

I believe it was Socrates who said there's nothing more noble than carrying water for an unpopular, ethically-bankrupt governor who can't control spending. Wait, that wasn't Socrates; that was Keith Hammond.

Hammond was quick to jump to the Steamroller's defense this week when elected officials across the state started calling him out on his ridiculous spending plan. We hear Hammond is looking for one of those fabled jobs that was supposed to go to Rensselaer County Democrats after King Eliot took the throne. We're not sure what Hammond thinks he can offer the Gov, but he must be pretty darn sure about it to be engaging in such denial.

There's no knowing what kind of stuff Keith Hammond is going to try to explain away next, but we're definitely waiting for his explanations about giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens and letting convicted murderers out of prison. So as we wait for the return engagement for the Apologist from Poestenkill, someone can tell Keith Hammond that if he's really so upset about having his party tagged as a bunch of big spenders, he should thinking about changing parties.