Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Punishment Plan Revisited

That nutty bunch known as the Democrat majority on the Troy City Council is taking another crack at doing something with raises. Around New Year's, the Dunne-o-crats were going to whack everyone's raise. Then came news of Bully Bill Dunne's "punishment" e-mail. So the raises were off. Then back on for a special Finance Committee. When the meeting came, they were off again. Now, back on. For now.

We hear the new plan for the raises involves all of Tutunjian's gang receiving $600 this year, and then $125 annually for the next 72 years, after they agree not to go to the District Attorney, Food and Drug Administration or EnCon over Bully Bill's "punishment" e-mail. It's a plan similar to new Councilman John Brown's easy-going approach to a $3 million debt owed to Troy by the City of Rensselaer.

What's amazing is the hypocrisy of the Council Dems: They say they want to rollback raises for the Tutunjian to budgeted levels but just last week gave a $5,000 raise for one of the appointees to a Council job. Be careful, because dissenters will be "punished".