Friday, January 18, 2008

Poll results...for Pete's sake, who Dunne it?

It was the e-mail heard ‘round Troy. The e-mail by Bully Billy Dunne promising “punishment” for city employees who had the nerve to oppose Dunne politically or otherwise, the e-mail that blew any hope of momentum or good will for a newly-elected Democrat majority on the Troy City Council.

It was stunning, it was arrogant, and it was dumb. It was Bill Dunne. But who torpedoed the Councilman who talks so tough with his keyboard? Our poll sought to find out, and we proudly announce the results:

The winner – Councilman Pete Ryan with 43 votes. We’re not sure what prompted so many votes for Pete, but it may have been the infamous Talespin article in which Ryan was revealed to be the leaker of some phony information leaked to Dems by DPW Chief Bobby Mirch. In a town known for talkers and leakers, Pete can be proud that he is getting known for his ability to open up, no matter who it costs.

The tally as follows:

Pete Ryan – 43
Ken Zalewski – 10
Clem Campana – 4
John Brown – 3
Gary Galuski – 1

We’ll be announcing a new poll tomorrow.