Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For Eliot, "trouble" is spelled with a lot of D's

At today's New York Association of Counties meeting in Colonie, Spitzer was taking heat from a heavyweight in his own party, Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano, for the crazy spending plan he's put forth and its impact on counties [LP]. At least one Rensselaer County Dem has been heard muttering in agreement with speculation that Eliot Spitzer's bloated budget may be a roadmap to defeat in 2010, with the prisoner release program being an additional shortcut. There's no denying it: Eliot Spitzer is on the brink of major fall, and he looks pretty content to bring his party with him. Considering he has no time-tested base of support, Spitzer really can't afford to alienate many more elected Dems, not with a rising star sitting in the Attorney Generals office.

Memo to Keith Hammond: if you want that state job of yours to last more than 2 years, you're sucking up to the wrong guy.