Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dunne Deal

Any momentum Democrats had after winning the majority on the Troy City Council went out the window Thursday night, thanks to bully boy Bill Dunne.

Stealing a page from the Boss Tom Wade playbook, Dunne conjured up a list of city employees deserving of “punishment” for daring to disagree with Dunne politically. Taking a cue from the Spitzer administration, Dunne put his threat down in the form of an e-mail.

And that e-mail, with the threat of “punishment” was waved in the faces of the Democrat majority at an organizational meeting that was chaotic, confrontational and confusing.

Dunne tried to lamely claim that it was all a joke. And then, in an absolute stunner, said the whistleblower who provided the e-mail to DPW Commissioner Bob Mirch would also be “punished”.

Check out a report from CBS 6 on Dunne’s latest threat: [CBS6]

A bit of the Troy Record report on the e-mail threat [TR]
The email, dated Dec. 13, 2007, was sent to Councilmen Peter Ryan, D-District 3; Ken Zalewski, D-District 5; Gary Galuski, D-District 6; John Brown, D-At Large, and Campana. It reads: “This is the ‘punishment’ version of the non-rep policy, which takes back the retro-active raises for ’07 from the Group A big wigs. Again, I’d really like to leave Bill Rohr alone. $50K is not a big salary and I do not want to cut him back. Please advise… P.S. Once this is all agreed upon, someone needs to get it to (Corporation Council David) Mitchell. I suppose I can e-mail it tomorrow. We should do a press release prior, however.”
Nice start guys. More tomorrow on the decision by Council Dems to actually pay someone to help them lose $3 million for the city.