Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Day One Support Group

I wonder who's the most ashamed to be pictured here with the other, Bully Dunne or Steamroller Spitzer? I'm sure they'll get over it, because it turns out Bill Dunne and Eliot Spitzer have a lot in common. Both of them had their first runs for office bankrolled by their fathers. Both made big campaign promises. And both are now liabilities to their parties.

Spitzer certainly has the staying power: he had five full months in office before his bullying tactics caught up with him. Bill Dunne couldn't complete a full week in the majority without having an indictable offense show up in the newspaper. On the other hand, Dunne is smarter about picking his targets: while Spitzer has incurred the wrath of major Wall Street names and the state's top Republican, Dunne has gone for the low-hanging fruit: newspaper reporters, City Hall employees and Dormitory Authority interns.

Wasn't stuff supposed to get better for the Democrats after Day One?