Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bully Bill Just Doesn't Get It

It's getting weirder with Bully Bill Dunne. Not satisfied with destroying the credibility and effectiveness of the new Democrat majority on the Troy City Council, he has a new warning for all those who would dare step in his way.

In today's Metroland, Dunne threatens to "grind" city government to "a halt" if he doesn't get his way. What a great message to send to prospective investors, and what a great message to send to city residents.

"We have the ability to grind the government in Troy to a halt, if we want to do that. But we don't want to do that, obviously," Dunne said. "But if we want to prove a point, we can."

The rest of the Dems have proven totally unable to rein Dunne in. Which isn't all that bad, because it's not often you get to a political career – and a new majority – get wrecked from self-inflicted wounds.

See for yourself: