Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The NGB to Troy Connection?

We are hearing that Josh Sabo, fresh off an electoral disaster in North Greenbush, may be a candidate for attorney to the new Democrat majority on the Troy City Council.

Sabo was part of a team that helped lose NGB for the Dems this past fall. As town attorney, he was advisor to a majority of board members who voted to wrongly fire 12 longtime town employees. When it was revealed the firings were contrary to Civil Service rules, most of the
employees were rehired, resulting in even more expense for NGB attorneys. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to controversial actions by Sabo as town attorney; we will let posters provide more details if they wish.

Along with a not so successful run as town attorney, Sabo got trounced in the recent election as part of the anti-development Row F team led by CB Smith.

We are also hearing some of the posturing by Dems on raises in Troy may be a way to gain negotiating leverage, given the council majority does not currently have a counsel assigned to them and would need the mayor – at least in the early stages – to go along with the move.