Monday, November 19, 2007

McNally for the Prosecution, Wade for the Defense?

There are more twists and turns to Rensselaer County politics than anywhere else in the Capital Region. Rich McNally wins the DAs race in a surprise upset and may have won an opportunity to prosecute the man who gave him the nomination for DA, Tom Wade.

Wade, according to sources in the Dem party, will appear before a grand jury on November 20. The grand jury is probing allegations that Wade illegally shook down campaign contributions from employees at the Board of Elections. Wade has already appeared before the grand jury, and the second appearance is an indicator his first trip didn’t go well.

(We are also hearing Minority Leader Ginny O’Brien may also be called to testify on November 20, which would be a major development we can discuss in future posts. Former Sand Lake Dem Chair Archie Robinson, who was targeted for removal by Wade, is also expected to testify.)

The growing shakedown scandal around Wade presents a real problem for the DA. If an indictment is handed down, how will McNally handle the issue? Request the appointment of a special prosecutor? Prosecute the case himself? Tank the case? Stay tuned.

Council conflicts?

Word has it that Dems in the newly elected Troy Council majority are already at odds over staffing in the Council office and committee assignments. And some Council members are resenting the constant attempts by Wade and City Chairman Frank LaPosta to direct their actions.