Sunday, November 04, 2007

Election Round-Up

Spitz Fire? Gov Gives Dems License to Lose

He started the year as the Democrats’ best friend, but come Election Day, will probably prove to be the party’s biggest headache. Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens had provoked a firestorm of criticism and outrage from voters from all parties.

Troopergate took momentum from the Steamroller. Licensegate stopped any chance of Democrats having a big year in Rensselaer County and upstate New York. Proof? In 2006, there was hardly a Dem running for office who didn’t have Eliot in their flyers, ads or literature. This year? Hardly a sign of the gov, whose poll numbers have plummeted. Only problem is, the governor is the most visible elected official in the state, and the members of his party pay the price on Election Day.

The Elephant Sweeps Across Troy and Rensselaer County

So, watch for Harry Tutunjian to roll big and watch the GOP capture their fourth consecutive Council majority. If the GOP wins all three city-wide, watch for a 7-2 GOP majority. The GOP wins big with Alex Shannon in the District 4 legislative seat, protecting their veto-proof majority. Of bigger importance, Greg Cholakis wins by double-digits in the DA race. Sheriff Jack Mahar has no opposition, meaning another county-wide sweep for the GOP. Considerable credit goes to County Clerk Frank Merola, whose stand against driver’s licenses for illegal aliens gave Repubs clout across the county and state.

What Does the F Stand For? Failure in NGB

In NGB, Row F will be just that, a failure. The rejection of the Row F Greenbush Party will be cap a year of defeats for CB Smith and Dan Ashley, including their loss of control of the NGB Dem party. Evers, Desso and Spain roll to victory and send the scoundrels to the shadows. And look for the Row F shenanigans to confuse enough Dem voters to cost Dem DA candidate McNally votes he can’t afford to lose.

The Write Stuff Gets Wrong Result in Schodack

If Ray Lemka can’t win the Republican primary while he is on the ballot, he sure can’t win a write-in for the general election. Leave the pencils home. Just as in NGB, the write-in nonsense costs McNally Dem votes he can’t lose.

Brunswick and Wading Beyond

Farmer Phil Herrington plows to another victory and the GOP wins the majority of local elections across the county. After Election Day, watch for the forces working against Boss Tom Wade to gather steam and try to force an early coup. Tune in tomorrow for a report on the Wade grand jury and Assessmentgate.