Friday, October 05, 2007

Wading in the Muck

Thursday was a blast from the past – a long line of Democrats waiting to take their turn in front a grand jury investigating – we believe – allegations of extortion and corruption by a high-ranking Dem official. Shades of the McDonough and Coyne trials of the 1990s.

In this case, the high-ranking official is Boss Terrible Tom Wade, who allegedly shook down several Democratic staffers working at the Board of Elections. The employees were there to testify, including Ed McDonough, son of the one-time Dem boss who was found guilty of corruption charges.

Also testifying was Sue Steele, a staffer in the Democratic county legislative office. Not sure why Steele would testify, but again, we heard the subpoena issued to her had Wade real worried. Steele is a pro at testifying, taking the stand during the McDonough trial and during the trial over an employee making off with several hundred thousand dollars during a Democratic sheriff’s administration.

Also testifying was Boss Wade himself. That move had observers scratching their heads, as testifying before a grand jury as the target of an investigation is seen as desperate. Desperate and real risky, since the testimony can be used against a defendant in a trial.

From what we are hearing, testimony will be continuing.