Friday, September 28, 2007

Terrible Tom’s Travelin’ Town Tour

Coming soon to your town or a town near you, Terrible Tom’s Town Travelin’ Town Tour! It’s a neat event where Tom pushes aside longtime Democrats and takes over the caucus, all to put his cronies in power and his candidates in line for nominations.

It’s a rockin’ good time. The tour was supposed to kick off in North Greenbush, but some locals got wise and the opening act, deformed power trio CSA (CB, Sabo, Ashley) got booted off the stage.

But the tour got back underway last week. Tom rocked the stage in Schodack, yelling at a room full of loyal Dems and pushing aside Tim Nugent, once the party’s candidate for DA. Once the bloodletting was done, Tom sang a pretty duet with Ray Lemka, a registered Republican who now wants to run for Town Supervisor as a Dem.

Not so successful was the tour stop in Poestenkill. Tom tried to get the crowd gathered in Keith Hammond’s house up and moving, but no candidates came forward. Anyhow, it’s great to see Keith getting back in line so quickly with Tom, who denied Keith the nomination for Assembly in 2006. But hey, what’s a tour without a reunion?

Tom was rockin’ it in Stephentown, knocking aside more local Dems for some of his hand-picked selections. The candidates have been less than Mike McNulty material.

The tour may have hit a couple of snags. Tom spent so much time on the road that he apparently did not file petitions properly for the County Legislative race in District 4. Good times, good tunes!

Terrible Tom’s Travelin’ Town Tour 2007

North Greenbush – Early September CANCELLED!

Schodack – Late September, with the Ray Lemkas

Stephentown – Late September

Poestenkill – Late September