Monday, April 23, 2007

You Say Tomato, I Say…

That CB Smith has taken leave of his senses. His protégé, Ed Dickinson, pleaded guilty this month to two misdemeanors in connection with an attack on an 84-year-old man. Boy, those Deformed NGB Dems sure are tough! They must get together for training in the Ashley garage.

Ever the spinner, CB spun a crazy tale to media folks this past week. He attempted to claim the victim of the beating was named Buell, and was ostensibly related to city spokesman Jeff Buell. And CB then tried to claim the whole attack was really a set-up by Republicans on poor Ed Dickinson. That this Buell guy had it coming, had caused the altercation, that Republicans pushed the case and were framing his buddy, etc. etc.

Wrong again, CB. The victim’s name isn’t Buell and from what we hear, Dickinson is probably relieved the case isn’t going to court. After all, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, ironically, just months after CB was pushing hard to hire him for town engineer. But this raises another question: How sick do you have to be to attack an 84-year-old man? And how sick do you have to be to insist the attack on an 84-year-old man is part of some imagined conspiracy?

Garage Band

The Ashley garage saga continues. After word circulated through North Greenbush that the Ashley garage case was finally coming to a conclusion in Sand Lake Town Court, the plug was pulled. No case on the docket, no nothing.

As faithful readers will remember, we’re coming up on our two-year anniversary since the whole Ashley saga started. In 2005, the local media broke the story that Dirty Dan had built the Northeast Garagemahal, a three-bay monstrosity near his property in town, all without needing any pesky building permits. Dirty Dan, it appears, has special powers, powers that allow him to construct garages without permits and to receive tax breaks in two different states. Dan never produced a building permit after loudly promising he would, and the case has yet to be resolved. That’s especially true since Dan’s band of brothers, CB, Sabo, Fennelly, Michaels and Mihalko, came to power. Based on the actions of the Town Board majority, some NGB power mongers seem to have entered into a conspiracy of silence on the issue, presumably on the orders of their master.

We’re waiting for Town Attorney Josh Sabo to produce a full report on Garagegate at the next Town Board meeting, or for CB Smith to demand a full accounting and investigation. And to give us all a timeline for when this case gets wrapped up, and justice is restored to NGB.